Friday 23 July 2021
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Phonics Monkey

ICF Definition

Pirouette initiated by a cross bow stroke in a front surf position and followed by a front loop in one fluid motion.

Value is 140 points

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This is one of the few moves you start with a cross bow stroke. Make sure you are warmed up well before doing any cross bow moves.


How to Phonics Monkey

1. Set up high on the pile.

2. Slowly travel down towards the seam with your boat slightlyon edge.

3. Just as you are about to reach the seam line and with the boat at about 1 o’clock (if going right, 11 if going left). Do a cross bow stroke and olly the bow slightly to initiate the bow and start the rotation.

Your paddle should be close to your boat and almost vertical with your face blade open (pointing upstream) and your shoulders and head should be leading the way looking in the direction you want to go.

4. Use your paddle to guide the boat around the rotation. Keeping your weight over the boat.

5. Keep your knee engaged (boat on edge) so the boat remains above 45 degrees throughout the main rotation to perform the pirroette.

6. As you come into the final stage of the rotation pull down on your paddle blade and pump the boat into the water using a quick forward body weight movement and by putting pressure on your feet (like the olly stage of the loop). This will energise the boat and make it want to pop out of the water.

7. Clear your paddle out of the water and use it to help you throw a loop.

8. Use a loop stroke to help bring the boat through straight and stop the spin momentum.


Top tips

Keep your paddle in close to the boat during the initiation stage. This keeps the rotation tight and helps to protect your shoulders.

Use the olly at the start to help you place the nose of the boat under the water. Again this helps protect your shoulders as you won’t need to pull as much on the blade during the rotation stage of the move. This also gives your move energy and helps you get more pop.

If you feel a lot of pressure on your paddle you are doing it wrong. Keep the paddle close and vertical and use the energy from the olly to pirouette the boat rather than a massive pull on the paddle.

If it helps start off learning this move with the boat relatively flat and build it up to vertical.

Remember to commit to the move and keep looking ahead throughout the move in the direction you want to rotate.

As you come through the last quarter of the turn pull down on the blade and use this to help pump the boat into the water so that it then pops out to give you height on your loop and help you access the air bonus.

During the loop plant your paddle blades parallel into the seam. This will help you square up, stop the rotation and pull your loop through straight.

Be prepared to switch to one blade during the loop stroke to help you stop the rotation and pull the boat through straight.

Once you get the hang of the Phoenix you can release your paddles earlier during the rotation phase and use them to stand tall and jump high before the loop to get height and potentially even clean and huge bonuses. Dane Jackson and Jason Craig style.


In basic terms…

Place your paddle in the water cross bow, load the weight over the nose of the boat and but the boat on edge. Perform a pirouette and when you turn to face back upstream throw a loop.