Thursday 5 August 2021
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Pan Am

ICF Definition

Elevated aerial rotation on green water at a vertical angle greater than 90°, clear of the foam pile, where the competitor rotates around the bow of the boat.

Value is 110 points


How to do a Pan Am

1. Carve to the top of the wave

2.  As soon as you begin to come down the wave the take of is exactly the same as a blunt. Start by angling your boat off to one side just slightly (lets start angled to the right).

3. Use a forward stroke on the same side that your edging towards (right) to give you some acceleration down the wave and at the same time edge hard into the water (right edge).

4. As you engage that edge drive your heels down and then lift up with your knees.

5. Then immediately do an edge transfer. Lift that right edge out of the water dropping the other edge (left edge).

6. At the same time look over your left shoulder towards the back of your boat.

7. Plant your paddle under your seat and as you aggressively swop edges push out and away from the boat. This lifts the boat over your head and helps you to go over vert.

8. As you push stand up on your foot rest and push / roll the boat over the top of you. Leading the move with your head

9. Then as you land put in a big back stroke and crunch forward so you land sat upright in a back surf.

10. Use backward paddle strokes to keep you on the wave or use the energy of the landing to flow straight into your next move or combo.


Top Tips

You need to commit to going over vertical. So make sure you get your paddle under your boat (butt) before you push the boat round and commit to looking over your shoulder early.

You’ll probably start by landing on your head donkey flip style. If this happens stick with it work on getting a good take off bounce to get the boat higher out of the water and give you more time to throw the trick. Make sure your throw is snappy and that you snap back to finish sitting upright this will help you land more on your hull.

There are several different techniques that can be used to Pan Am, this is just one. You can be creative an adapt your own personal Pan Am style. So long as the boat goes over vertical, has air and rotates around the bow it should score as a Pan Am. That said to make sure it defiantly scores try and land straight in a back surf.

Remember this whole move takes only a couple of seconds so make your movements explosive and snappy.