Sunday 26 September 2021
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Macho Moves

A macho move is a downstream wave wheel straight into a front loop.

A macho move uses the energy of a sequences of waves to give you pop so you can literally fly through the air. It is a super cool and impressive down river freestyle trick.


How to do a Macho Move

To do a macho move you already need to be able to do a bow stall, a wave wheel, a flat water cartwheel and a front loop. Once you have all these tricks dialled your ready to go for a macho move.

1. Select the right section on a rapid.  You need at least two green waves in a row.

Ideally they need to be about 10 feet apart and 2-3 feet high but it is possible to macho move even the smallest of wave trains.

2. Get a lot of speed as you head towards the first (take off) wave.

3. Paddle up the take off wave and paddle off the peak. Literally do an extra stroke and pull your butt past the peak.

4. Initiate your bow down like a wave wheel to plug deep into the trough.

5. Square the boat up in the bow stall so your body is facing straight downstream.

6. Get your hands up ready to throw the biggest front loop you can

7. Fly up the face of the next wave.

8. Then as you leave the peak (face) of the next wave throw your front loop.

9. Land, smile and keep on paddling downstream


Top Tips

Make sure you have plenty of speed. As it will help you pull yourself up and over the take off wave and deep into the trough giving you lots of energy to go big on the loop.

Don’t be afraid to fall on your head. You need to initiate really vertical in order to get the loop to go.

Practice loads. It takes practice to get the timing and pop right so keep on lapping and trying to throw big macho moves moves because when it goes right it is one of the most amazing feelings and well worth it.


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