Friday 23 July 2021
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Lunar Orbit/Back McNasty

ICF Definition

At least 180° horizontal angle rotation starting in front surf position and flowing into a back loop or back cartwheel.

Value is 150 points

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How to Lunar Orbit

A Lunar orbit is a stern squirt into a cartwheel or a back loop

1. Start in a front surf or front blast in a hole. Use a big forward sweep stroke to lift your bow up high onto the green water. Ideally you want to be pointing slightly in the direction you want to go.

2. . Use the back of your blade to pry the boat through a stern squirt using a reverse sweep stroke. The boat will swing up and around to vertical. To do this drop your upstream edge, tense your core, keep your body neutral and look around in the direction you want to go.

3. Let the boat wind up to vertical as it completes a full 180 degrees turn.

4. Then either when your backwards stomp the stern deep and using the pop throw hard back for a back loop

or let the boat keep rotating on its edge. Then turn your pry stroke into a reverse power stroke / push stroke to slam your bow under the water for a cartwheel end. You will need to get ahead of the boat and spot your landing in order to finish it into a cartwheel.


Top Tips 

Practice this move on the flat. The flat water lunar orbit is the same as a moving water lunar orbit. On the flat try and spot an upstream point and work on smashing your cartwheel end through just before / as you reach this upstream point. Get used to getting ahead of your boat so you are ready to smash down hard. This will help you bring the final end through when you transfer it back to the hole.

The angle and initiation at the start is key. You need to load up and perform the wind rotation of the move using the same blade. This helps you carry momentum into the move and will prevent you having to over power with your paddle which can put excessive strain on your shoulders.

In some features you may want to olly / bounce off the surface of the green face of the upstream water when your in the blast to give you extra and energy for the move. Just before you start your stern squirt. Quickly stomp the hull of your boat on to the green water whilst in the blast position and use the energy off the rebound to help you rotate the boat.

Keep looking ahead the whole time during the rotation. You need to ensure you are in front of the boat if you want to have any chance of finishing the move into a cartwheel.

Don’t try and pry the boat to vertical to early. You want to slowly wind up to vertical so you are vertical as you come into the last stage of the turn not the start. If you go to vertical to early you will stall out the move, fall over vert or find it very difficult to bring the cartwheel end through or initiate the back loop.

Try and smash your bow down into the cartwheel end before you get to 12 o’clock so that it slices through the water. So get ready early to smash down the bow. This is the same technique you use to perform the last end of a Tricky Woo.