Friday 23 July 2021
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ICF Definition

A 360 degree spin with at least 180 degrees of which the boat must be inverted. The move is not eligible to get air bonus.

Value 40 points


(formally known as the non aerial helix)


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.45.13 pm


How to do a Felix

1. Set up at the top of the pile. Let’s start by doing a felix to the right

2. As you travel down towards the seam do a back sweep stroke on the right of your boat and turn your boat 90 degrees.

3. Flip upside down. Aim to flip downstream (to the right) whilst crunching forwards.

4. As you do this allow your boat to keep turning.  You should now be upside down with your feet pointing directly downstream. Your right paddle blade should be towards the front of your boat by your feet.

5. Now staying forwards switch blades. Place your left blade by your feet where your right blade has just been.

6. Use this left blade to do a standard kayak roll.

7. As you start to come upright turn the roll stroke into a sweep stroke, turning your boat to the right. Swing your feet to the right so the bow of your boat finishes pointing exactly where you started.

8. If you are now in the pit of the hole you will need to put the boat on edge to the right so as not to catch and flip.

9. Sit up and get your weight over your boat. You will be either in a front surf on the back of the pile or you will have gone past 360 degrees and be in a side surf facing to the right. This is perfect.


Top Tips

Practice this move on the flat. This will help you understand the flow and timing of the move. It will also get you use to finishing back in the same place as you started.

If you are surfing in a sticky hole or pour over you may prefer to start from a side surf. If this happens start by flipping over straight away and then when you roll up do the full 180 degree rotation to finish back in side surf. If you turn and then flip it will be very difficult for you to get the full 180 degree rotation whilst inverted. So flip before immediately from the side surf before you do any turning. Make sure you return back to the side surf to complete the move.

In a competition you made need to do a little bit more than 360 degree rotation to make sure you score the move and sell the move to the judges.