Friday 23 July 2021
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Entry Moves

ICF Definition

1. Simple entry move working on one end or wave wheel. The boat must be vertical when it connects with the feature. 30 Points

2. Intermediate entry move based on a non aerial basic move. 50 Points

3. Expert entry move based on an aerial move. 80 Points



Entry Moves are moves performed when you initially enter the feature.

Some of the most popular entry moves include;

  • Re-entry/ wingover / kick flip which is essentially a back deck roll when you enter the feature
  • Mcnasty entry move. Starting facing downstream do a half pirouette when the boat hits the feature and flowing into a loop.
  • Phonics monkey entry move.  A crossbow pirouette as the boat enters the feature flowing into a loop.


How to do a basic Entry Move

The Entry / Wing Over / Kick Flip

1. Come into a hole with your some right to left momentum

2. Aim to hit the pile with your boat parallel and pointing slightly down stream to the foam pile.

3. Right as your about to hit the feature drop your edge slightly upstream and use a sweep to lift your bow onto the foam pile.

4. As your boat hits the foam pile push down hard on the upstream blade rolling the boat over the top of you using a back deck roll.

5. Bring the boat all the way round you and back down into a side surf.

You can try keeping your head dry and out of the water during the move by keeping pressure on your blade as you rotate and throw


How to do an Entry McNasty

1. Approach the feature aiming for the most retentive part of the hole facing directly downstream

2. As you are about to hit the pile turn your boat ever so slightly to point in the direction you are going to go. If your turning left hit the feature with the boat pointing at about 11 o’clock. If 12 o’clock is straight downstream.

3. Lets start with an entry Mcnasty (left). As you hit the pile anchor your paddle stroke (right blade) by your outside foot (right foot) ready to lock in and start the initial rotation of the move.

4. Grab the water with that blade (right) and start the rotation (to the left). Drop your edge as you would a normal mcnasty.

5. As you come around to face upstream load up and throw your mcnasty as normal.

6. Land and start to throw the rest of your routine.


Top Tips 

Play about with entry moves in loads of different features. Practice dropping in facing left and right so you have experience with a whole range of different techniques.

Be creative there is no set definition for an entry move so explore and play with all sorts of different moves and see if you can find some new ones that work specifically for you and your local play feature.

If you’re doing the kick flip re-entry practice back deck rolls on the flat so you have a good techniques. Keep your arms slightly bent and look after your shoulders during the move.