Friday 23 July 2021
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ICF Definition

180° horizontal angle rotation on green water at a vertical angle greater than 45°, clear of the foam pile, where the competitor rotates around the bow of the boat landing in a backwards position.

Value is 40 points


How to do a Blunt

1. Carve to the top of the wave

2, As soon as you begin to come down the wave it is exactly the same as a roundhouse. Start by angling your boat off to one side just slightly (lets start angled to the right).

3. Use a forward stroke to give you some acceleration down the wave and at the same time drop that edge into the water (right edge).

4. Then immediately as you finish your power stroke, do an edge transfer. Lift that edge out of the water dropping the other edge (left edge). The more edge you drop the more vertical you will go.

5. At the same times lean forwards slightly and do strong snappy back stroke (left blade) to spin you around to backwards.

6. Followed by a strong back stroke (right blade) to stop the spin and keep you on the wave.


Top Tips

The amount of edge you engage is directly relevant to the how vertical the boat will go during the move.

Make sure you start pointing off to one side slightly if you come down the wave straight as you turn you will be fighting the water rather than slicing through it making the move harder and you might find you get pushed flat every time.

Remember this whole move takes only a couple of seconds so make your movements explosive and snappy.