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Back Surfing & Spinning from Back to Front

Now you’ve mastered the front surf it is time to have a go at surfing backwards.


Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 19.38.56

How to back surf

The concepts behind the back surf is the same as when front surfing the only difference is your facing back wards.

1. Establish a front surf or side surf

2. Use the paddle as a rudder and turn your boat backwards

3. Whilst you do this keep looking over your shoulder so you can see what your doing.

4. Use rudders and back strokes  at the bow of the boat to help you steer and remain in the surfable arena on the wave.

5. Just like the front surf, to carve drop an edge and use your paddle to control your speed and direction

6. Switch edges and use a paddle stroke to carve back again.

7. If you feel yourself beginning to flush at any stage use backstrokes to keep you on the feature.

8. When you are ready to finish back surfing use a sweep stroke to turn the boat back to a front surf


How to spin from back to front

The aim is to get your stern to drag downstream whilst your bow is dragged upstream allowing you to do a full half a spin back into a front surf.

1. Establish a back surf

2. Carve to the top of the wave

3. As soon as you feel yourself dropping in turn your boat to 45 degrees.

4. Lean back slightly

5. Sweep your bow upstream

6. As soon as you spin be ready to take some hard forward strokes to keep you on the feature.


Top Tips 

Start on a small wave and as you progress build up to bigger waves.

Stay with in the ‘surfable bounds’ of the feature. Keep your stern pointing upstream and remain in the more retentive area so you can carve back and fourth and not flush off the wave.

To carve more aggressively use more edge and open the boat up with more angle.

Don’t be afraid of flipping over its part of the sport. So chose a feature that has a nice friendly run off behind it where you have plenty of time to test your roll and a safe place to swim should you need to.

Try and minimise the number of paddle strokes you use. Using a rudder helps you conserve energy whilst still staying in control.