Sunday 26 September 2021
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Back Loop

ICF Definition

Back flip initiated and finished between a horizontal angle of -20° and 20°, landing in the hole or in the wave.

Value is 70 points


The general technique your going to use to do a back loop is very similar to what you use to do a front loop.


How to do a Back loop

1. Set up at the top of the feature facing downstream

2. Use your paddle to keep your boat straight to the upstream current and keep your weight forwards as you begin to surf down towards the seam making sure your shoulders and paddles are squared up straight with the hole.

This will keep your boat straight and help you line up for the move.

3. As you approach the seam plug your stern by leaning back slightly and sinking your hips backwards sharply to allow the back of your boat to sink and catch. This is the plug phase.

On a steep feature you may not need to lean back to plug the boat as it will naturally fall into the seam.

4. As soon as your stern begins to catch lean forwards and tuck yourself tight in towards your knees. With your paddles in front of you. You will feel the boat begin to raise to vertical.

It is important here to wait and not throw to early.

5. Stay forwards until your bow comes over vertical. You will see your boat coming over your head.

6. At this point quickly snap your body backwards. Keeping your shoulders and paddles squared up as you throw (parallel / in line with the hole).

7. Then as soon as you have gone backwards snap forwards again.

8. Push your paddles forwards towards the bow and use paddle strokes to help keep the boat straight and bring the boat through to flat to finish the move.


Top Tips

The timing is crucial. If you stay back on the plug for too long or throw back to early you will find it extremely difficult to complete a back loop.

It is very tempting to roll out of the final stage of the move this will twist the boat and stop you completing the back loop so focus on staying straight throughout.

Focus on keeping your shoulders, hips and paddles straight. You can pick a point on the downstream side of the river that is right in the centre and use this as a guide to help you keep straight.

Make sure you keep your butt flat in the boat as any edge will make it difficult to keep the boat straight.

You can use a back stroke to help you initiate the plug this can give you more air but you will then have to work harder to keep the boat straight during the loop and finish phase at the end.

Experiment with different timings and plugs especially in different holes.

In theory the basic body movements for the back loop are lean back slightly, lean forwards hard, hold your weight forwards, wait, throw your weight back, throw your weight forwards.

Back – Forwards – Back – Forwards