Friday 23 July 2021
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The PFD / Lifejacket / Buoyancy Aid

A Pfd is a floating device specially designed for paddling. It is one of the most important items of safety gear that not only provides vital flotation but also provides warmth and protection. It is highly recommended that you wear a Pfd whenever your out on or near the water.

How to choose and wear a PFD

The most important thing is to get a PFD that fits you. A poor fitting Pfd will be a safety hazard and will not provide you the suitable floatation in the event on a swim or an emergency. Pfd’s come in a range of types and sizes. Check out the manufactures label to find the correct type for your size and style of paddling.

1. Make sure the pfd fits snugly around your body and allows you for full movement.
2. Buckle up all of the buckles and zip up all of the zips.
3. Check if you can pull the shoulder straps of the pfd up above the top of your ear tips. If you can, re adjust it so it is a little tighter or look for and alternative pfd.
4. Make sure the pfd is approved for kayaking. You will need an Coastguard Approval stamp in the USA or a ISO / CE approved label in the Europe.
5. Tuck away all the additional straps so there is no chance of them getting snagged or caught on anything in the river.
Top tips
Remember to always wear your Pfd both on and near the water.
Most water related accidents occur with people not wearing PFDs so always wear it and keep it on until you are well away from the river.