Friday 23 July 2021
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Parts of the Boat

There is a lot of specialist terminology used in kayaking. Every different part of the boat has a specific name and purpose. Knowing what everythings called and what its use is will help you communicate with other boaters and understand whats going on in your kayak.

How to know the parts of your kayak

Heres our quick guide to the different parts of the kayak

Bow – The front of the boat

Stern / Tail – The back of the boat

Deck – The top of the boat

Hull – The bottom of the boat

Seat / Chair – A kayak will either have a stand alone chair that is attached to the kayak or a seat built into the shape of the deck of the boat. A chair will often have an adjustable back rest and a height adjustment systems. Where as a seat will have a backrest to lean against.

Footrests – The part at the bow of your kayak designed to support your feet. If you place you feet against the footrest you can use it to help control your kayak

Grab Handles / Security Loops – The handles found on the bow and stern of the kayak that can be used to carry, secure or rescue a kayak

Drain Bung / Plug – The hole with a bung at the stern of the kayak that can be used to drain water from the kayak

Edge / Rail – The lines that run from the front to the back of the boat that help control and steer the boat as you paddle through the water.

Scuppers – Holes that go from the deck through the hull of the kayak that drain water out of the deck of sit-on-top kayaks as well as add structural support for standing or sitting on the deck.
Hatches – A variety of closures to storage holes in the deck that allow you to store rods, tackle, food, camping gear, etc..     Some are held closed with bungees, some are press fit, and some have latches.

Top Tips

Its a good idea to check your kayak each time before you head to the river to make sure everything is in place and in good working order so that you can have the best days paddling possible.