Friday 23 July 2021
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Carrying a Kayak

Every time you go kayak fishing you will need to carry your boat so its good to learn a safe and effective technique. Todays boats are lighter than ever so with the right technique you will find they are relatively easy to carry. However they are still big and heavy so you still need to be careful. There’s no fun having to miss out on some great days fishing because you hurt your back by lifting wrong.

Fishing kayaks can be too heavy for one person to carry, especially when loaded down with gear. A boat loaded with equipment should ideally be carried by a minimum of two people.

How to carry a Kayak

Use a good lifting technique. Keep your back straight, bend your legs, and keep your chin up.

For loaded kayaks, one person can carry from the bow and another from the stern.

Be aware that grab handles will weaken with use and can break over time. By keeping one hand on the grab handle and another under the boat you will be able to get the necessary support and be ready for if the handle breaks.

Top Tips

Big boats are heavy so buddy up and keep your back safe.

If your carrying along way make sure you regularly switch carrying sides.

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