Friday 23 July 2021
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Rescue Stirrup Re-entry

A rescue stirrup is a device used to help get a paddle out of the water and back onto a sit on top kayak following a capsize.

It is especially useful if you are on your own, the paddler is tired or has a lower level of upper body strength

How to use a Rescue Stirrup

1. First getting a long piece of flat tubular webbing and tie a water knot at each end to make it into a fixed loop.

2. Store it in a safe place in your boat where it is easy to get too when your in the water.

3. Start the rescue by girth hitching (passing on end of the loop through the other to great a slip knot) the rescue stirrup onto one end of the paddle which is placed perpendicularly across your boat.

4. Pass the other end of the stirrup underneath to the opposite side of the boat and wrap it around the opposite end of your kayak paddle shaft.

5. Use the loop that is left as a step.

6. Place your foot into the step and use the strength of your lower body to push yourself back into your cockpit.

7. As you’re climbing back in ask your friend or paddling buddy to help balance the boat. If you’re paddling alone use a paddle float on the end of your paddle to help keep the boat stable.

Top Tips

Keep your stirrup somewhere you can easily access from the water if you have capsized.

Make sure you stirrup piece of webbing is long enough to wrap around your kayak with enough left over to create the step

Practise using the stirrup to get back into your boat in shallow water at first so you know that it works and how to use it should you capsize in deeper water.