Monday 26 July 2021
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Happy Seat

A happy seat is a specialist piece of equipment designed to be used in a freestyle kayak. It allows extra connection and control of the boat by creating addtional points of contact between your legs and the floor of the boat (deck/hull). It also can make your legs more comfortable, taking some of the pressure off of your knees, hips, and butt.

To use a happy seat place the airbag under your thighs just in front of your seat. Use the cord attached to the front of the bag to secure it to your kayak and the velcro straps to attach it to the seat. Once in place, inflate the happy seat until it is comfortably touching against your quads and the underneath of your upper legs. This will give you extra support and control which is helpful when performing the more advance freestyle tricks.

Warning: The Happy Seat takes up room in your cockpit. You should make sure it doesn’t impede exit from your boat in case of emergency. You should attach it in properly before using it with the cord included. Don’t use it if you aren’t 100% sure that you can get out easily.