Thursday 5 August 2021
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Category: Whitewater Feature, Whitewater Skills

How to eddy turn and peel out – A beginners guide

For those starting out in paddling, turning into an eddy or peeling out of an eddy are often a big challenge which leads to many flips and...

Kids Camp on the Ottawa River

The list of priorities: 1) Safety, 2) Fun, 3) Kayaking. That is how we breakdown “Kids Week” here at the Ottawa Kayak School. Twice a...

How to Pack for a Whitewater Overnight Trip

Ben Stookesberry shows us how to pack your kayak for an overnight kayak trip.

Why fast will make you better

I recently picked up a new concept that has been making my whitewater paddling a lot smoother. After watching hours of Facebook videos of...

How To Build Confidence on the Water

For many paddlers managing confidence on the water for themselves or those they paddle with is challenge that endures and evolves for the...

Learning New Freestyle Tricks

Learning a new freestyle tricks takes time. Lots of time. You will crash. Lots. Clay Wright (inventor of the loop) once told me that it...