Saturday 15 May 2021
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Category: Paddle Ed Feature

Tricky Orbit

By Jon Best

The Kick Flip

Hi boaters, So you want to see Kick Flips, Rocket Moves, Macho Moves, Wavewheels, and other sky ...

Aerial Backstab

Hi boaters, Learning to do any move backwards requires confidence and control in the back surf. I recommend that ...

Entry Loop

Why? A super fun way to get into a hole! Why not! How? Just initiate your bow [...]

Reactionary Waves

are those that are angled from the shore out towards the middle of the river and downstream. [...]

Seal Launch

Getting in the river from a rock or ledge is sometimes necessary and [...]

Bombproofing Your Roll

Learn how to perform a basic kayak roll [...]

The Porpoise – Kayak Instruction Video

How about a new move that can be done on most class 2-3 whitewater rivers! This move is unique in that ...

Freestyle Fundamentals, Part 2: Edge Control

By Stephen Wright INTRO– As with any skill in life, all freestyle kayaking can be broken down into small, fun patterns of body...


So you really want to learn the Blunt – the staple dynamic [...]