Sunday 16 May 2021
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Category: Paddle Ed Feature

How to Flatwater Loop!

The flatwater loop is the single coolest-feeling flatwater trick around. When you learn to flatwater loop, you’ll be able to get your...

How to Clean Cartwheel

The Clean Cartwheel is the a fun move alone, but is also a gateway move to lead to lots of other fun tricks as well. By learning the clean...

How to do Large Air Loops!

The air loop is probably the single most-attempted trick in playboating these days. And with good reason! It’s the easiest way to get...

How to Air Blunt

How to Air Blunt (QuickTime, 2.1 MB)

How to Wave Wheel

The wavewheel is a fun way to enjoy any size wave train on your way down the river. It’s basically a downriver cartwheel thrown using...

How to Hand of God Rescue!

In my opinion, the single most important and life-saving rescue skills in whitewater kayaking is also one that you won’t learn from an...

The Donkey Flip – Kayak Instruction Video

Donkey Flip on a small wave: 1. Make sure you can do a [...]

McNasty – Kayak Instruction Video and Photos

Hi boaters, There was a mishap in my article in Kayak Session on the McNasty. The latter half [...]

Tricky Orbit

By Jon Best

The Kick Flip

Hi boaters, So you want to see Kick Flips, Rocket Moves, Macho Moves, Wavewheels, and other sky ...