Monday 26 July 2021
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Posts by: Nick Troutman

Teaching kids to kayak 2/5: Choosing the Right Gear

Here is the second of the 5-piece mini series about teaching your kids to kayak. In this episode we talk about the gear that is need to get...

How To: Switch Freewheel

Here is a How To for the Switch Freewheel Line it up: Turn around backwards and look over your shoulder to watch the entry. You want to be...

Register Now for 2011 Whitewater Symposium

Come join the maker’s, shaker’s, and doer’s of the whitewater world, down in Rock Island for the 2011 Whitewater...

Summer Sessions: video

The Ottawa River has always been home to me, even though now-a-days I usually only get to spend a couple months a year up in...

Tricky Orbit

By Jon Best