Sunday 26 September 2021
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Posts by: Jan Liska

Kayakfishing Deep Water Tactics- Cast, Setup, Retrieve…Repeat

Fishing is about repetition of presentations that have the highest chances of succeeding, and doing as many such presentation as possible....

VIDEO- Landing halibuts from kayak with a tail noose

It is by no means easy to find a good and safe way of landing halibuts…. and even more so from a fishing kayak. Before we went on the...

Feeder fishing from kayak

In the spring, when fishing with lures is not allowed in my home waters, I often try feeder fishing from kayak. It is a great way to get on...

VIDEO- Rigs for kayak fishing for halibut

In this video I discuss the advantages of a paternoster rig compared to Magic eye or Jighead rig. Enjoy the video!

VIDEO- Easy&Cheap transducer installation in scupper

Video about easy and cheap installation of a fishfinder transducer in a scupper of a fishing kayak.

VIDEO- Float&Feeder fishing from kayak part I.

I am doing a 2 part series about kayak fishing for carp, bream, roach, barbel and other carpinide species. I like using float or feeder...

VIDEO- Basic Paddling Technique

In this video I explain the very basics of kayak paddling technique. I cover the rotation of the blade and the angle of the blade....