Sunday 26 September 2021
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Posts by: Chris Funk

Panko Crusted Citrus Crappie Fillets

Handy Kilroy DT Modification

Yakattack Leverloc Anchor Trolley install on Coosa HD

A walkthrough and install of the Yakattack Leverloc Anchor Trolley on the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD.

Adjusting the Elite Seat

Check out this instructional video below on how to adjust the elite seat. [youtube][/youtube]

Big Tuna Tank Flat Lid Mod Video

Check out this mod I did on my Big Tuna Tank.

Big Rig Stand Up Bar Mod

I’ve been spending some quality time in my Big Rig and came up with this little mod that makes my time on the water a just a bit...

Big Rig Bowfishing

I recently got to take my Big Rig out and do some bowfishing. I knew it would do well, but it truly exceeded my expectations. Hope you...