Sunday 26 September 2021
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GoPro 3 Add On (Brunton All Day Battery)

As a kayak angler new to the video recording realm, I wanted to share a product I feel can help almost anyone out there make better use of their time on and off the water. Since the day I began using my GoPro 3 Black Edition I’ve been a generally happy consumer. This compact unit still produces quality video despite being 4-year old technology. My biggest gripe has remained throughout… the short battery life.

The standard GoPro battery for the 3 is small in size but it’s far from efficient and for me, the battery BacPac was a disappointing value. The Brunton All Day battery, however, has been an affordable and very positive addition to my arsenal. Maybe you and I are alike in that we aren’t up to date with all the newest action camera equipment- or maybe you have an extra GoPro 3 laying around collecting dust. From the convenience of charging only a single item to the huge increase in recording time on the water, this is something everyone with a GoPro 3 and GoPro 3+ should consider.