Tuesday 15 June 2021
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These past 3 weeks (not including this one), I’ve been up on the Ottawa River kayaking my heart away with OKS Keeners. First of all, let me just say, it was amazing. I got to hang out with some amazing people, got expert training, and of course, got beatdown.


Now you might be thinking, “Why is this kid so excited about getting beatdown, everybody dreads a bad beatdown!” But I was getting beatdown in a “controlled” environment with some of Jackson Kayak’s finest team members, Stephen Wright and Mathieu Dumoulin! I’ll tell you why a good beatdown in a controlled environment is important. You get pushed to the limit and learn how to handle it. Next time I go to get my Personal First Descent on a big creek and get my butt handed too me, I’ll know what to do in the situation.


The beatdown your about to see was my worst beatdown ever. It happened in Lucifer’s Anus (there’s no easy was to say this, but it’s a big, meaty hole that’s mean and scary) on the Gatineau River in Quebec, Canada. I made a video edit, I’ll let you see what happens next!

Cover Shot is by Colin Moneypenny and 2nd shot is by Anna Bruno

Catch you on the river,

Bryce Aaron