Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Raymarine DragonFly 5 installation…

With out doubt the easiest fish finder to kayak install i’ve ever done.
Fitting time start to finish i’d say 20 minutes then over night for sealer to dry!!!

image7 image8

I started with cutting a chopping board into a small square shape to fit on top of my Center hatch.

Adding four smaller bits of chopping board as spacers.

Drilling four holes through the board and fitting track mounts to fit the already fitted gear tracks.

image9 image10

This was the hard bit done believe it or not, after my mount was made I bolted the Dragonfly mount to the chopping board and fitted it on the gear tracks on my Kraken 15.5.
Ok fish finder mounted it was transducer time……. There’s a bungee cord bottle holder between your legs above the transducer scupper hole, I undid one side pulled it down through the scupper hole and passed it threw the transducer mounting bracket, pulled it back up and tied it back in place, this held the transducer in place at the front quite securely but the rear was loose so I marine glopped it in place ( not to pretty to look at but works perfectly fine).

image11 image12 image13

Job done attach wiring and hide access wires inside the hull, no holes where needed to be drilled in the kayak during the fitting of this fish finder…. Power source is Nocqua pro power kit..