Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Rivering – NZ Kayaking Film

Over the last 4+ years myself and many other kiwi paddlers of all levels have been working with Bill Parks, a US film producer, living in NZ.
We have been shooting on rivers all throughout NZ to produce a film about ‘Rivering’ – The art of journeying down rivers in small craft for the sheer joy of it.


It is an ode to whitewater and features everyone from complete beginners to professionals.
Its a feature length film, so sit down, minimise distractions, get comfy and prepare yourself for endless laughs!
This film was a joy to help create and packed with entertainment!


I’m stoked to have had so much support from Jackson Kayak over the years, almost every shoot I’ve been in a different boat… 2011 Rockstar, 2012 Rockstar, 2012 Rockstar Carbon, Zen 55, Zen S, Karma S and I’ve loved them all!

Watch it for free online here….