Tuesday 15 June 2021
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White Mountain School Whitewater Kayaking season wraps up

White Mountain School kayaking season wrapped up for the year after 10 solid weeks of paddling and learning. We had 17 paddlers this year of every ability level working on everything from river running basics to creeking, with a group of paddlers grew into leadership roles and helped manage river safety. We were worried that the low snow pack would hurt our run off this year but we got enough rain when we needed it and rounded it out with exploring some new park and hucks in the Whites. Our fleet of Jackson boats grew a bunch this year with several new Zen’s and Karma’s. The group was super solid by the end of our season and since we only graduated a few seniors we will have a bunch of returning students next year who will be getting even better, including a really solid group of women. We had tons of fun and love our Jackson fleet for teaching and learning, as well as how easy it is to switch kids around in different boats and make them fit in a snap.

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