Wednesday 21 April 2021
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How to remove a piton dent from your boat. ..

From time to time you might find yourself paddling downstream, minding your own business, charging a line which you thought would be cool and WHAM. You smash a rock going at full throttle. Luckily your boat takes the impact instead of your ankles. You can walk away unscathed but your boat has something of a dent in the bow. Actually you are being modest at ‘something of a dent’, it is actually a dent so big your fist easily fits in there and when people see your boat they feel compelled to comment on it to you. Don’t fear, all is not lost there is still a 90% chance you can get that pesky boat out of there with just a little bit of effort and elbow grease. Assuming it is not cracked, but thats a whole different article. Here are some easy steps to fix that dent,


Step 1
Leave it in the sun and warm it. Sometimes that will be enough if you act quickly and the day is particularly warm the dent may well come out on its own without any more drastic action.

Step 2
hang your boat with the dent facing the floor. Use a tree or something else strong enough to take a significant amount of weight, always check with the structure owner first, especially if you are planning to use a sketchy looking old barn or similar. Tie it with something sturdy because you’re soon going to put a decent chunk of downward force onto your boat and you don’t want any accidents. Be sure to you strong rope, your throw bag to do the job.

Step 3
Remove the foot rests completely. In a Jackson boat this is actually very simple. First take out the foam foot blocks (don’t forget which side is which). then one side at a time, grab the plastic foot pedal by the top and bottom and wiggle it free from its plastic holder and slide it off. repeat the process with the other side. Don’t forget which side is which once you take them out.

Step 4
Heat a big pot of water, as much as possible I think around 10 litres is ideal. It doesn’t have to boil but it does have to get fairly warm.

Step 5
Find a big stick, long enough to reach to the end of the boat, strong enough to use to smash the dent out really hard but not so big that you cant fit it inside of your hanging boat.

Step 6
Add hot water to boat

Step 7
Smash dent with stick as hard as you can repeatedly until water goes cold or dent is removed.

Step 8
If your dent is still there, heat more water, empty the now cold water out and start over.

Assuming you are in a warmish country these steps should work of you and your boat should be all gone. If you are somewhere where it is very cold all of the time you may well have to apply all of the above steps whilst indoors.

Obviously it is better to avoid hitting rocks but sometimes accidents happen. Good luck out there

Seth Ashworth