Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Upgrades for the Kraken


An extremely versatile boat as is, there are some upgrades I like to do that better suits my fishing style. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources where others have had the same ideas, and have posted step-by-step guides to help modify to your liking. I’ve put together a list of my top recommended changes to bring your Kraken to the next level.

1. KKrate Livewell Pump

For those of us that fish with live bait, or in need of a livewell, this is my first upgrade that I do. Though, not exactly an upgrade to the Kraken kayak itself, you’ll need to modify the Kraken to complete this upgrade. What makes it even easier, is that the Kraken and the KKrate was made for this. Additionally, there is a great online article out from Kayak Fishing Supplies that tells you exactly how to do it.


2. Remove Battery Holder

The Kraken’s inner hull is nice and open. Perfect for placing a dry bag of stuff, or your days catch. However, I’ve found that the internal battery holder just under and above the center hatch can sometimes hinder the openness. What I like to do is remove this box, which gives much more more space to place larger game fish. Its as easy as unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place, removing the holder, and putting the screws back in place.

3. RAM Tough Tube Base Rotation

Probably a minor change, but it helps when I want to move my rod holders into different positions. The Kraken comes with 2 RAM Tough Tube bases, however, they are rotated differently from each other. I usually rotate one of them such that the plunger faces the seat. Simply unscrew in place, rotate, and screw back in.

4. Rudder Ready Kit

The Kraken may not come with a ready stock, but definitely pick one up as this is a must have if you’re in areas with fast currents and/or high winds. Check out Jackson Kayaks Store for installation instructions.

5. Fish Finder Installation

Though not necessarily needed, a fish finder is a great tool for every kayak fisherman to have. It’ll help you identify structure, and if your plotter has the functionality, record your tracks. What’s great about the Kraken is that it has a dedicated transducer scupper, to snuggly fit even the biggest transducers on the market.

Hopefully this gives folks an idea of some of the modifications that I’ve found most helpful to my style of fishing. The Kraken comes with some awesome features, but also still open for your own upgrades.