Tuesday 15 June 2021
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How To Cross Bow Like A Latin Lover


How To Cross Bow like a Latin Lover
By Rudy Rampage


As far as I know, the cross bow stroke is something that originated from Open Canoe and Slalom. But I      honestly have no idea.

Here’s what I do know about Cross Bows:

-It’s a good warm up stroke for your shoulders in flat water (for those who need to warm up).
-It’s hard to do and takes some practice (for some people).
-Women love cross bows (and don’t worry ladies, men also dig this stroke just as much).

Moving forward let’s talk about how to execute.






#1. FILM IT. Make sure someone is on shore with a GoPro, Red Dragon, or Arri Alexa camera and knows how to operate it (DSLRs are OK too). Once that’s secured, make sure you scream at the top of your lungs about 30 feet above the drop to ensure they know you’re coming. Remember, if it doesn’t make it to Facebook, it probably didn’t happen. Once cameras are rolling, come in with a solid stroke on your opposite blade to generate the momentum you need to get off.


#2. PLACEMENT of your stroke is clutch. Spot a point just near the lip of the waterfall. If you’re too early, you’ll lose momentum. If you’re too late, you won’t get the purchase you need and there’s a good chance you’ll go over the bars and take a facial.

#3. MASSAGE the lip of the drop. Figure out what rubs and touches work best with the stroke of your blade. Every waterfall is different, and should be treated as such. Know your waterfall.

#4. CONTROL the speed and depth of your stroke. Give it a little “flutter” to enhance pleasure.

#5. GO DEEP with the blade. But don’t push it down too hard or it will be easy to send a premature flat landing.

#6. AT THE PINNACLE moment of your descent, having your pinky’s up in the air is a bonus if you can muster your inner tiger. But it is not mandatory, only encouraged.

#7. THRUST the bow vertical and penetrate the landing. Spot the froth below and focus on driving your cockpit downward.


#8. DON’T FORGET to finish your stroke. The last little kick at the end is what’s sure to set a satisfying landing.

#9. PREPARE for the climax at the bottom. Your waterfall landing will always have a bit of vibration on impact, but should never feel like too much of a spanking… Unless that’s what you’re into.


Cross bows are a fun way to experiment with a different kind of stroke that isn’t traditionally done in K1s. When executed properly, the Cross Bow is a fabulous way to look fancy and cool. A lot of people ask me “why” I like to do this stroke VS a standard missionary stroke. I guess for me personally it’s good to have variety in the types of strokes I do on the river. If you’ve run a waterfall a thousand times the same way, why not try something more intimate and different? You may just surprise yourself with how fun it is. Not to mention, it feels delightful!

I’m Rudy Rampage. See you on the river.


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