Sunday 26 September 2021
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Anchor Release System- Spring Trigger

Anchoring systems are very important for every kayak angler. Every now and then we see some interesting solution to retrieving stuck anchors from a fishing kayak. The following system looks like a really good solution for anchoring from fishing kayaks.

Us kayak anglers often fish among rocks and sometimes it happens that the anchor gets stuck in a stone. In frustration we grab the rope and try to pull it out.  At the top of the anchor a tie-wrap is often used to hold the line in place. This tie-wrap triggers when we pull hard, thus giving us a different angle to work from when trying to get the anchor up.

Getting the tie-wrap to break is sometimes difficult and also the nature is littered up when the wraps fall into the water. On top of this we also have to attach a new tie-wrap to the anchor every time we have broken the previous one. My Anchor Trigger will make this process much easier and be of great help in otherwise pretty difficult situations.

The Bruce anchor and the spring trigger


trigger connects the top hole of anchor with the rope

The Anchor Trigger is an everlasting trigger which is very easily and quickly connected to the anchor line. Even when released the Anchor Trigger is left on the line and all you have to do is to reload it and you are good to go again. Never again will you have to curse having to find a new tie-wrap.



The spring trigger slides on the anchor rope


The trigger is inserted in the top anchor loop