Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Preparing for a trolling mission-surface and mid-water

Editor’s note: When I was travelling through Spain I met Jose… a remarkably enthusiastic kayak angler and organizer. I spent a few days with him and although the fishing was not great those days I learned some really useful tips for trolling, trolling is one of the most used techniqeus from fishing kayaks in north of Spain. Jose’s advices were eye openers. Today we bring you the English version of Jose’s introductory article on trolling from a fishing kayak.



When we want to go fishing with our kayak, and we feel like doing some paddling, the best method is trolling. One a good fishing day we will normally do between 15 and 20 kilometers of paddling (between 7 and 12 nautical miles approx.) This gives us a great way to cover a lot of water.
We have 2 options:
Surface &  mid-water trolling, and bottom trolling.
Today we focus on surface and mid-water trolling.
We use lures with shorter or longer lip, depending on the depth that we want to reach.  We chose the size of the lure depending on the size of predators. In my home waters I tend to use lures between 9 and 15 centimeters, very effective for bass and bonitos.



For trolling for seabass and bonitos we need a medium heavy rod, 2.40 m approx. Casting weight of approximately 15/60 grams, with somewhat softer action that will accompany the movement of lures and thus make them more attractive to predators. Lately I have been using the HART Boushido series of rods.

As far as reels go: some decent reel,  not more expensive than € 200, in 5000 or 6000 size. I use Custom XS Hart reels.


I use 0.25 or 0.30 braid with a flourocarbon leader 0.35 mm. For seabass and bonitos this is more than enough. I use about 2 metres of fluorocarbon and a snap, to change the lures when I want to switch the color or depth of diving.

I usually add one or two additional lures, or teasers, above the main lure. These “teaser”lures will often be the ones that get attacked. For teasers I use feathers or soft lures that mimick small baitfish.