Wednesday 21 April 2021
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How To: Switch Freewheel

Here is a How To for the Switch Freewheel

  1. Line it up: Turn around backwards and look over your shoulder to watch the entry. You want to be watching and able to see the lip to know when to throw the freewheel.
  2. Get some Speed: Get your speed up with a couple hard back strokes to have momentum away from the falls when throwing the the trick.
  3. Throwing the Switch Freewheel: Once at the lip, have your stroke ready at your toes make sure you are looking over your should on the side you want to be pulling on. As you fall off the lip lean in towards your paddle blade slightly and pull a hard stroke. While stoking you will open open up and look over the opposite shoulder.
  4. Spot your landing: As you are you falling you need to spot your landing, this while force your body to continue rotating until you are back forwards. Now get ready for the impact by leaning forward.
  5. Stick it and Paddle away: Land leaning forward and finish with a strong stroke to pull yourself away from the hole (and avoid a back ender and getting worked). Paddle away with style you just stuck a switch freewheel off a waterfall.