Thursday 5 August 2021
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Feeder fishing from kayak

In the spring, when fishing with lures is not allowed in my home waters, I often try feeder fishing from kayak. It is a great way to get on the water and have some fun with carp and other species. You might say that feeder fishing is not really possible from kayak… But quite the contrary, with a few adjustments, the kayak will make a great platform for this type of fishing and, as usual, it will give you quite a few advantages.

For those of you who do not know anything about fishing with a feeder I would recommend watching this full movie with UK angler legend Matt Hayes. FILM HERE

Now let’s have a look at some of the essentials of feeder fishing from kayak.

First of all let’s have a look at the most important adjustment you will need to successfully fish using feeders from a kayak. You will need an anchor trolley with a good anchor 2.5 kg/ 5 lb. Secondly, you will need a drift chute.


The anchor trolley will allow you to anchor your kayak in a spot of your choice, with the front of the kayak aiming downstream. Well, but your kayak will still move to the sides when anchored like this. We dont want this for feeder fishing, we want to be as stable as possible and eliminate the zigzagging on anchor. The solution to this is to deploy a drift chute from the front of your kayak. This stabilizes the kayak in the current and eliminates the zig zagging motion. Some of the best spots for feeder fishing are in stronger current on your local river and especially on windy days you will need to stabilize your kayak.


When the current is strong, and there is little or no wind, you do not need the drift chute

Once your kayak is anchored in the spot you choose, it is time to start fishing. The rest is not complicated. Fish like you would from the bank, your kayak will take you to more interesting spots that you cannot normally reach from the bank and will give a new dimension to your feeder fishing.

Let me sum up the advantages of feeder fishing from a kayak compared to bank fishing:

You will get to inaccessible spots.

You can move all your stuff at once, no more stumbling on the bank with loads of tackle, chair and bait bucket…

You can use considerably lighter tackle, lighter feeders in current, lighter hooklength.

You are much closer to the spot you are fishing, so it is easy to keep casting into the same spot, which is the key to success in feeder fishing.

Fighting bigger fish on lighter tackle is easier from the kayak

You are creating a bait trail downstream from your kayak and you can search it easily by hopping the feeder on the bottom.