Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Step Up Your Freestyle, No Feature Needed!

Winters in New England can get pretty cold. I’m talking 5 feet of snow on the ground and days where the high is 4 degrees cold.  When it gets like this, all the rivers a pretty much frozen and there’s not a whole lot to do in a playspot, so you’ve got two options- flee the country (which I did, heading to Uganda for three weeks), or see just what you can do in flatwater. It might just surprise you!

I find flatwater to be one of the most helpful places to figure out tricks, or new combos I’m working on. It’s even better for perfecting a trick you’re already good at, or just working on basics like lean-cleans or cartwheels! A lot of people ignore flatwater as a waste of time, but if you put the time into it, it can step up your freestyle game twice over. So next time you get the chance to head to a pool- go for it and work those tricks!