Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Coosa Drift Anchor Install and Cali Steelhead

With steelhead season upon us it was time to make a anchor system for the Coosa.  While the Coosa comes equipped with an anchor system stock, I wanted to upgrade it to something with more holding power.

The first step was to figure out how to mount the roller system.  After looking around the aft of the yak, I decided to remove the rear handle and use the threaded inserts.

Once the rear handle was removed,  I modified a piece of 1″ x 3/16″ flat stock to fit where the handle used to live.  This will serve as the base.  I reused the stock screws to secure it.


The next step was to make an arm for the roller.  Last season I made a temporary anchor mount for the Coosa that came straight off the back of the boat.  The straight mount and angled line routing lead to binding and friction that was no joy to use.  For this mount I wanted to make an arm that went with the flow of the stock anchor line routing.  This would allow me to use the really nice routing guides without binding.

Some drift boats accomplish this by having an offset arm.  I decided to try this approach.  I cut a piece of 1 1/4″ x 3/16″  flat stock at an angle that would flow with the line but put the anchor end of the arm on the centerline of the hull.


I also wanted to make sure the arm was tipped upwards enough to keep the anchor out of the water.  Once I was happy with the fit of pieces I tacked them in place.


I then got a $8 pulley from TSC to serve as the roller.  I have been using these for years and they work great.


I cut off everything but the side plates and roller and welded it to the arm. Please note: ALL MAJOR WELDING HAPPENS ON THE BENCH.  WELDING ON THE YAK WILL MELT YOUR BOAT (ASK ME HOW KNOW :smt013)



I painted the assembly and mounted it all up for good.  The fit and alignment looked good and unlike my earlier attempt this setup was SMOOOOOTH thru the guides.

Pic 6 finished and mounted

The very next week I had a chance to drift the Russian on the MLK holiday with a great cadre of old school NCKA. Near the mid point of drift I felt the “tap” we all wait for and swung.  The rod loaded and I was happy!  I worked the yak into an eddy and dropped anchor.

Holy Toledo was kind enough to document my success.

Coosa success

After a few too many photos, we sent this chunky girl back on her way.

off you go