Thursday 13 May 2021
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How to use a GoPro, Wi-fi remote and Gopro Studio software to help improve your freestyle kayaking

So last year I shelled out for a new Gopro Hero 3+ black edition to replace an older Hero2 that I had broken on a trip 8 months earlier after accidentally letting it fall into a puddle whilst out of the case, whoops!

I love these cameras, they are one of the best, most underused learning tools on the market. Sure its great to relive the days highlights, but one of their best uses is to see where you went wrong and why. With a practiced eye it is possible to see why you didn’t stick a particular line, or boof a drop, pretty accurately. But up until recently I had never been able to figure a way to use it to help spot my mistakes in freestyle kayaking. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but looking through hours of footage for just a few minutes of actual useful video and the amount of time it takes to actually see what you are doing and where your going wrong really put me off.


Until now, in the box with my GoPro was a Wi-fi remote, its a handy little gadget that pairs with your GoPro so you can turn it on, off, change settings etc completely remotely. At first I thought this was a neat thing but not something I would actually use that much. Recently I thought I would explore its full usefulness, so at my local play spot of Hurley weir, UK, I set my camera up in a solid spot, facing the wave (I just balanced it on the mount but I would probably recommend a tripod/gorillapod or similar) and then hopped back in my boat, and used the remote securely tethered to my lifejacket, and proceeded to turn it on to film my rides. The best part is I could turn the camera off from around 50ft so while I was waiting in the line or the wave was empty I was’t wasting space on the memory card. Awesome!DCIM102GOPRO

Now the best part of the whole thing, I load the footage onto my computer and using the FREE Gopro Studio app, I import the clips and quickly and easily trim out the good bits, cut the audio and throw them into a video. The use of the Remote means that skimming through each clip is so much faster than looking through one hour long clip. Combine that with the studio app which is super easy to use and you are onto a real winner here. You can even slow your clips down to really see in detail where you are going wrong.Screen-Shot-2015-01-20-at-12.30.22


If you aren’t sure how to figure out where you are going wrong, try to watch your training tapes with other people or compare your tape to other videos online.

So good luck, I hope you will be able to see what you could do better and then go and do it so you can have even more fun!


N.B It is probably worth taking a quick read of an earlier article from EJ about managing your Gopro Video files because they do take up a lot of space and it can get out of hand if you don’t manage it well form the get go (…/)