Thursday 13 May 2021
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Installing a Transferable Fish Finder for Winter Pt 2

Transducer Placement

HatchI have always installed my transducers inside the front hatch of my kayaks. Position wise it has been perfect, allowing me three or four seconds to triangulate my position as I look for landmarks, while drifting over an object. The obvious drawback of this location is the inaccurate temperature reading that displays on the unit. At times, I have noticed a 5 or 6 degree difference between the water surface and the hull of my kayak – not a big deal during summer, but an error like that during a transition period like early spring or late fall could cause an angler to waste time in unproductive areas.

Think of a funnel, starting out wide at the top then narrowing almost to a point as it reaches its targeted area. I use the transducers of this unit the same way. The LSS transducer shoots the widest beam; Down Scan Imaging, from the same transducer, a bit narrower; and finally the 2D transducer shooting the narrowest beam. The 2D transducer is my targeting tool.




Temperature readings will display correctly because the 2D transducer is submerged, the transducers are interchangeable between multiple kayaks, and the mounts can be easily adjusted or removed.

Parts Used


(2) RAM Transducer Mounts (RAM-B-316-18-TRA3, RAM-B-316-18-TRA1-202-225) by RAM Mounting Systems

LSSThe LSS transducer attaches to the GearTrac 90 next to the seat, which is very convenient if I’m fighting a large fish and need to get it out of the way. The flat design of the LSS mount minimizes drag when paddling, there isn’t much difference when paddling with one transducer arm in the water. My kayak pulls to the left with both transducers submerged while underway. Slightly turning the rudder corrects this small issue, but may be a problem for someone in a kayak without a rudder. If you don’t have a rudder you can wait until you get in the area that you want to dial in on to connect the 2D transducer arm.

I opted for RAM transducer arms with flat attachment bases. Both bases have been rigged just in front of my Cuda’s rod stagers. This gives me the option to attach the 2D transducer next to the LSS transducer mount or on one of the Ram bases up front if I’m fishing a vertical presentation such as drop-shotting. The other RAM base will be used for attaching a video camera or another accessory.

RAM Trasducer Mount Video