Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Hook, Don’t Fail Me Now


How many times have you pleaded with a hook to stay locked into a fish? I think I do it every time a fish takes one of my poorly presented offerings. Recently, my friend and Jackson Kayak teammate, Chris Funk posted a tip on KayakFish regarding the importance of maintaining sharp hooks. If I had read that before I headed down to the Louisiana coast, I may have saved myself a little heartache. But since I didn’t you guys get to watch this fail video.

During the morning, I had hung my fly on several oyster beds. I checked my leader each time. Had I checked the hook, I would have surely noticed that the tip was bent almost double. I’m not saying that the hook was the only reason I lost these two fish, but they were the only two I lost on the trip. My odds would have surely improved had I changed flies prior to casting to them. CHECK YOUR HOOKS!