Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Bait Rig for Cod

Autumn is here in the UK and that means the Cod season is underway. Generally on England’s north east coast we have several runs of NE wind/swell that colour up the water on the kayak fishing grounds meaning bait fishing is the way to go to catch Cod.

I figured I’d show you guys a simple rig I use when bait fishing for Cod from my kayak, as with most things I do when fishing it’s very simple.

The Rig:

At anchor I usually fish downtide of the kayak, depending on the tide speed I need a lead weight between 4-8oz to make sure the bait stays on the sea bed. As we normally fishing rough/snaggy ground the weight is tied onto the swivel with a 6” 15lb weaklink, snapping easily when snagged up.

The hooklength/trace is made up of 30-40lb mono, I normally use a length around 3-4ft (short in the photo purely for ease).

The hook is a 6/0 Aberdeen, I bend a paperclip around the hook shank leaving two prongs sticking out the back. This stops the bait sliding up and down the hook/line.

The Bait:

My favourite bait is Squid and Black Lugworm though Crab, Mussel and Ragworm are all excellent baits. I use ‘bait elastic’ to hold the bait in place, easily done by tightly wrapping the bait to the paperclip so the bait doesn’t come off plus help resist pesky crab and small fish!

All I need now is a gap in the wind and work so I can actually go fishing and catch some of these Cod!!