Tuesday 15 June 2021
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What Does It Weigh?

What does it weigh?
One of the most frequently asked questions by kayak anglers and others is,” what does this fish weigh”? Use of a bump board gives you an accurate length. Most kayak bass tournaments are formatted to use inches caught. An identifying card is distribute to the tournament competitors, fish are laid on the bump board mouth touching the front plate and the identifier is placed in close proximity to the fish and a photo is taken to verify the catch. Anglers are still plagued by the pounds and ounces question. Here is a simple and reasonably accurate measure. Take the bump board (or tape measure) reading and use this formula. If your bass for example, is 20 inches long, respectable for any kayak bass angler, on your smart phone or any calculator multiple 20 (inches in length of the fish) times 20 which equals 400 and then again multiply by 20, which gives you 8000, then divide by 1600, this yields a weight of 5 pounds. Substitute any number using the same equation and you will get an answer that is very close. In fairness for a bass that is “potted up”, the type that is described as a “football” you can add ¼ to ½ pound. For those skinny, long spawned out bass, a reversal is in order, you may in the spirit of truth, subtract an equal amount. You will find this method to be very close if you do a side by side check employing the equation and accurate digital scales.

It’s a good idea to wet the bump board as to not remove the necessary slime coat form the bass. Try to never touch the eyes or the gills of your catch. In the summer months when water temperatures soar, hook and play the bass in as quickly as possible. The length of the fight endangers the hot water fish due to a buildup of lactic acid in their system The reaction is similar to the bass of a full body “Charlie horse” and the fish will be doomed. Please measure your fish quickly to reduce the stress on your fish to ensure a successful release. Bass, especially BIG ones are too valuable resources to be enjoyed once. Please make a trophy experience possible by handling your fish ethically and releasing them to spawn and fight again to thrill another angler.

(Bass in the picture) 16X16 = 256 X 16 = 4096 divided by 1600 = 2.65 pounds.