Tuesday 15 June 2021
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How to Catch an Eddy and Peel Out: Video

Most, if not all, kayak students who are learning the sport for their first time are nervous about flipping over in rapids.  The rapids become the FEARED environment.  Once they get through the rapid, they relax and what happens . . . . . . they pull over out of the current and FLIP OVER.

After swimming, they look at you with a bewildered face and say, “I made it through the rapid, what happened?”

Typically when people are paddling through rapids for their first time, their adrenaline and the speed of their strokes keep them from flippping over.  It’s when they pull over into an eddy or exit back out into the main current that things become a bit more technical.

This short video explains what an eddy is and where to find them; how to come into an eddy; and, how to exit an eddy.

There are many different ways to think about this technique.  Here is how I explain it to my students.  Paddle on . . .

Enjoy and see you on the river!

Heather Herbeck