Wednesday 12 May 2021
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Jackson Cuda 14 Rudder Control Cable Replacement (DIY)

Rudder Control Track w/ Cable

Rudder Control Track w/ Cable

My rudder cable on the left pedal of my yak snapped in Cape May. I decided to purchase new cable and parts to replace both sides.

This repair is standard for all Jackson Kayak Fishing Kayak models with smart rudder packages installed.

This is a tutorial on how to replace the existing rudder cables with new Stainless steel cable.





Parts needed:

Rudder replacement Parts

Rudder replacement Parts

2 Rudder Fork End

2 Clevis Pins

2 Rudder Cable Stop Sleeves

2 Aluminum Sleeves

20 feet of Stainless Steel Rudder Cable

4 (2 each side) washers that will go on each track connecting bolts

Bike Chain Oil

Shrink Wrap Tubing


All of these parts can be acquired from The Kayak Fishing Store

Step 1

Removing foot control
Removing foot control

To remove the foot track. With a 3/8″ open end wrench and a Philips head screw driver remove the screw behind the foot control track towards the rear of the kayak.

This will allow you to swivel the track upwards and slide the foot pin portion of the foot control track out exposing the cable and the screw it is mounted to. Unscrew where the cable mounts to the track. If the cable is already broken using sheet metal snips or dykes cut the cable so there is no fraying. If not just cut the end metal eye off. Once this is done go to the rudder and slide the cable out of the cable tube. Remove the split ring and the pin holding the existing cable to the rudder. This will detach the existing cable.

Step 2

Insert the new stainless steel cable into the tubing starting at the foot control. As you slide in the cable inch by inch lube it with a continuous bead of bike chain oil. This will help the cable slide within the tube, keep water out, and hopefully prolong the beginning of any type of corrosion. Once it passes out of the tube at the stern stop feeding after 18″ is exposed.


Step 3

Rudder Cable Replaced w/ Connectors
Rudder Cable Replaced w/ Connectors

You will now pass the cable through the opening in the rudder fork then put the cable through the rudder cable stop bullet sleeve. Let about an inch protrude through the sleeve and crimp. If you do not have the aircraft cable stop bullet crimp tool you can use a hammer and a heavy piece of steel to smash it on there with. Then you may cut off the remaining cable end and using the new clevis pin attach to the rudder.


Repeat steps 1 – 3 for the opposite side.


Step 4

Attaching the cables to the foot control. Now this is the area where you want to center the rudder and adjust accordingly so everything is perfectly centered. Using the existing screw and nut i added 2 washers. Slid on the aluminum crimp and a piece of heat shrunk tubing.  I set the new cable between the washers and bent it around and tightend the nut. Now running the tag end through the other side of the aluminum crimp i ran this up close to the connection to the track and crimped down. Then sliding the heat shrink tubing over the cable and cutting the excess wo there was only a 3″ tag end. Once this was done i used a heat gun the shrink the tubing over the tag end and the leading end of the cable so it will not fray.

Video to follow soon.

Matt Trucks

Jackson Kayak Fishing Team