Thursday 13 May 2021
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Customize Your Tank Well Bungee!

Well i purchased a piece of green shock chord/bungee last year but finally got around to getting it on the Cuda 14 this weekend.

Yellow Bungee Customization

Although the green  I ordered came in yellow I didn’t mind at all.  Actually it looks really cool!  The stock cord was falling apart. The sun does a job on the nylon.  In turn the degrading of the bungee made it become very loose and fragile.

Yellow Bungee Custom

Yellow Bungee Custom

I originally purchased 10′ of the bungee shock cord. Used about a foot and a half for my crate project last year.  What i had left was just enough to replace the tank well bungee. I would recommend that you purchase 10 feet for the Cuda. This way you can cut off any excess.  Being that it looks really cool on my next boat i will have to find 3/16″ bungee for the bow in yellow!.

Must say it does add character.

Matt Trucks
Jackson Kayak Fishing Team