Saturday 15 May 2021
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Quick Fish Finder mount on Cuda 14

Using some spare parts from previous kayaks, a small cutting board (sorry honey), some pieces and parts I had in the garage from RAM Mounting Systems and Luther Cifers-From YakAttack, I was able to get my fish finder mounted on my new Jackson Kayak. This is more or less a temporary setup as I am looking to get a new finder and didn’t want to really hard mount this one on the kayak. The transducer sticks out a bit, side imaging so it needs to. The normal HB transducer actually pulls up into the groove in the hull so it it pretty protected.

On this one the cutting board was not only needed as a base for the finder but because this is a fairly heavy finder I have the base in contact with the kayak for more support so that it is not bouncing on the single ram ball insert.
I used a Yakattack mighty mount on the back of the cutting board to attach to a ram ball.