Saturday 15 May 2021
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The South Eastern Junior Crew Sign in with a Couple of Updates

Click here to view the embedded video. Charlotte Whitewater Center 11/19/11 by Matt On a beautiful Saturday morning in gorgeous North Carolina, my dad and I decided to go to the Charlotte Whitewater Center

Click here to view the embedded video.

Charlotte Whitewater Center 11/19/11 by Matt

On a beautiful Saturday morning in gorgeous North Carolina, my dad and I decided to go to the Charlotte Whitewater Center. We quickly got packed up in the frigid air of the morning with nothing on our minds but what we were afraid would happen at the infamous whitewater centre.
Two hours later when we were all but dying to get on the water, we arrived. With the air still icy we got changed into our gear and carried our boats down the hill towards the water. We decided to scout the competition channel before running it because we had heard of a change to one of the rapids. We were quite surprised to find that the water was dyed red for Halloween. When we were done scouting, we walked back to our boats, and got in. We decided not to start on the competition channel since we had not warmed up yet, so we messed around until the water started flowing on the wilderness channel, then headed down.

All day we either raced down the river, played in a hole, or edged our way down the competition channel. After we finished trying to loop in a hole in the instructional channel, I decided to give surfing in M-Wave a go. I was very nervous because I had just recently moved up to my Rockstar, and I wasn’t very used to it, but I decided to go anyway. I was so happy that I did it! I could easily spin and mess around without the consequences that were likely to happen in my smaller boat. We decided that after such a good run, we should pack up and head home. When I was taking my gear off, I noticed that I had a pair of headphones in my pocket! To my surprise they were still dry!

On the way home we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for some food, then headed on our way. There is probably not a better way to spend your day than to go paddling on a red river without a care in the world.

As always, many, many thanks to Kokatat, Snap Dragon, and Jackson for a warm, DRY day on the water.

Eternity Hole By Matt

Date: 11/24/11
Occasion: Paddling at Eternity Hole
Holiday: Joey got his loop this day, last year
Happiness Level: 100%

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. This was the only thought that was going through my mind as we rode to the river. On this day, just last year, Joey got his first loop. I was very nervous because I was hoping for the same thing to happen to me this year. When we pulled up in Mom’s Mini, Joey and I hopped out to get our gear on. I ran out to the water to give the loop a go. I decided to warm up doing some spins, but got caught in the corner of the wave and flipped. On the second try, I lined up, plugged it and waited to see what would happen. I made it! On the third try I had equivalent success and so on for the rest of the trip. I eventually got out and started cheering on Joey as he worked on his “Phonix Monkey”. Then I got back in to do one more loop and party surf. We ended this perfect day with a trip to Joey’s house to give him back to his family. Getting to see Cocoa, (Joey’s dog), was a great added bonus. We then made fun of Joey for always leaving something in our car, and headed back to our home with nothing on our mind but how perfect our day was. For good measure, he stole my dry top.

As always, thanks to Kokatat, Snap Dragon, Jackson, and Diamond Brand for their awesome support!

Joey’s update….

Kayaking has been crazy in the past little bit for me, as well as others on the Southeast Jr. Team. It has been very fun on the water whether you’re talking about up in Canada, or down here in the southeast US. I have gotten a good feel for boating on big waves, and also I feel that my hole boating has gotten a good bit better. I have had fun working on what I have down, such as loops, space Godzilla’s, cartwheels, and more, and now I have been doing Mcnasty’s, and am working on those, as well as trying to do phonics monkey’s. Kayaking is all I look forward to now, and it doesn’t escape my mind. In about a week from now, the new feature at the Nantahala will be in, and I’m more excited than ever to play in it. I will be spending every second that I can out there in order to train, and just have fun. I’m very lucky to have the help from whom I do, and am going to use it every bit I can in order to do well competing, and having fun doing what I love.

Joey Brown
-SE Jr. Team