Saturday 15 May 2021
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JK Dealer Summit Underway!

With many of our dealers flying in from all across the country (and Canada) Kristine hosted a lovely ‘Open House’ last night with Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin, Bass Ale keg, and lots and lots of food!  So cool to see so many familiar faces from various years of traveling and dealer visits but all here at home.   This morning is off to a great start with Drew Gregory and his fishing Team running down all the various features, uses, and accessories for our Coosa and new Cuda fishing boats… and EJ taking them all our a tour of Center Hill Lake’s upstream inflow.  And Damon Bungard doing some fly casting.  With a big tent down by the water and plenty of boats and gear to go around, they are certainly off to a good start.  Next up – a tour of the JK plant, a boat building competition, perhaps some more fishing, then a visit to our favorite local eatery the Foglight Foodhouse!  Can you say Cajun anyone?   More photos to come…

Clay Wright