Thursday 13 May 2021
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How I get the Most AIR out of My Loops!


In freestyle competitions, I am always determined to get huge bonuses on my loop and space godzillas and going big is always exciting when playboating. I have developed a technique that I really wasn’t aware of until I noticed I was doing it all the time when looping. I think I started this technique at spots that where hard to loop at because the green water coming into the hole was very flat and it was hard to come in strait and plug the green water because it feels like it is way up stream and you end up plugging the seam. Nine times out of ten the more green water you can plug on iniciating the loop the higher in the air you are going to go. So to plug the most green water that I can I come across the top of the pile with momentum on a left or right down stream edge depending on the feature and what feels faster. Then on that same edge drop down the foam pile while taking a forward stroke on the same side as the down stream edge you are accelerating on. Use the forward stroke for more speed down the pile but you are also using it to lift the bow and your feet up into the air while getting additional energy off that down steam edge as it releasese off the foam pile to launch into your plug. Timing and iniciating the plug square to the oncoming greenwater takes some practice but it will help you get the most energy and greenwater for your takeoff on your loops and godzillas and the more green the more air! This video clip was from the Gunnison, Colorado rodeo that had very flat incoming greenwater and was a hard spot to get good loops at, but with this technique I was still able to get some big air!

Video Example: