Saturday 15 May 2021
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Summer Sessions: video

The Ottawa River has always been home to me, even though now-a-days I usually only get to spend a couple months a year up in Canada.


The Ottawa sums up the great Canadian outdoors, with giant lakes, huge whitewater, amazing scenery and all sorts of different wild life, and a mecca for freestyle kayaking.

Ever summer I make the migration back here for good times, good friends, and also the amazing kayaking.


The past three weeks I have been coaching with the ‘Keener Program,’ one of the best youth development programs in the world. It is so awesome to help coach these kids who have so much enthusiasm for the sport, which I love so much. We have had lots of different water levels, bringing in a large assortment of waves and holes.


I have one more week of coaching left, then a couple weeks of just hanging out. I have also been doing some training for the upcoming  Ottawa Canada Cup, and the Sickline race, both with some freestyle and some race training. Though it is had to call it ‘work’ or ‘training’ when it is so much fun!


Check  out an evening session from Garb.

How I love this Canadian Paradise.