Tuesday 15 June 2021
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Short and Simple: How to McNasty

The easiest place to learn this move is in a hole that has a good pile.

Start in Side Surf, pointing right if you want to go right, left if you want to go left.

Push with a back sweep on your downstream side into a back blast, keep your weight slightly forward to help keep stern from catching, pull with opposite blade while pulling your  toes farther and farther underneath the water and foam pile, once facing back upstream jump forward- up river and finish with a loop stroke….

Some key mistakes are:

Not pulling long enough, many and jumping when sideways, this causes to either fall over, not get any pop on the loop, or throw a crooked Mcnasty

Another mistake people make is not getting their weight over their toes when doing the back blast, this can cause your stern to catch, or just make it really difficult to ever get into a blast.

This is one of my favorite harder moves and I am just getting it down on my opposite side!

In this photo I most likely:

1. Swallowed way too much water

2. Jumped too early instead of waiting for boat and body to come around farther….

Happy Paddling